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Most of the salads are prepared cold.

  • Green salads or vegetable salads - usually called Greek salad which consist of ripe,crisp tomatoes (cubes, de-seed), lettuce (usually iceberg), cucumber (sliced), white, sweet onion (rings), spring onion (greens),red and green sweet bell peppers,  black or green olives (pitted) with white cheese, with olive dressing (oregano, black pepper, lemon or vinegar).

(Greek Salad by Nidhi Saxena)

Cold preparation is also used in preparing:

  • Salmon Salad  -  just thaw the frozen salmon about  5 minutes, then flake its meat one by one with your own design  on the salad plate. Garnish with lemon edges or any available garnishing (like fruits, etc.)

(Salmon salad by

Tropical desserts, like Halo-Halo and Buko Salad, didn't need to be cooked. Just mix all the ingredients, put in a frigdge for awhile then , later on you'll have a very enticing treat for your family and friends.

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